Summary: The Elvina Waterfall tumbles 25m down a sheer cliff. At the base of the falls is a sandy area surrounded by lush vegetation.

Below the Lovett Pool Falls and waterhole, the creek drops over the edge of a high cliff before reaching Lovett Bay. Fom the top of Elvina Waterfall there’s a view over Lovett Bay.

IMG 5121 LR Elvina Waterfall

It’s a longer walk down to the bottom of the waterfall, where the water falls onto a number of large rocks.

Elvina Waterfall

In front of the waterfall is a sandy area, which is surrounded by ferns and rainforest-like vegetation.

IMG 5151 LR Elvina Waterfall

Getting to Elvina Waterfall

The top of the Elvina Bay Waterfall is reached via a track off the Fredricks Track (which branches off the Elvina Track) at West Head. To reach the bottom of the falls, you can take the Fredricks Track or the Elvina Track (a firetrail) down to Elvina Bay, before crossing this waterfront “suburb” to reach a rough walking track to the falls. Both the top and bottom of the waterfall are accessed on the Elvina Bay loop walk.

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