Summary: Podgers Trig in Wentworth Falls is a traditional concrete trig station, which is situated near two radio towers which are also trig stations (Wentworth Tower and Podgers Tower).

There are three trig stations in close proximity near the start of Kings Tableland Road – but the Podgers Trig is the only traditional trig. It was installed in 1975, most likely replacing an older metal trig.

The trig has a concrete base with a survey marker on the top, and its nameplate is intact.

There isn’t much of a view from the Podgers Trig due to trees and shrubs – although not far away is the impressive Kings Tableland Power Easement Lookout (aka Three Trig Lookout). What you can clearly see are the nearby trig stations, which are are the tops of two radio towers – TS10217 F WENTWORTH TOWER and TS10582 F PODGERS TOWER.

The two radio towers are one of the most important radio communications beacons for civil aviation in the entire Sydney basin, with the Federal Government paying an annual rent of $35,000 for them.

Getting to Podgers Trig

Follow Tableland Road about 3.3km from the Great Western Highway at Wentworth Falls, and look for a service road that goes a short distance up to a locked gate. Park near the gate, and follow the fence around to the opposite of the radio facility, before a “bush bash” through the scrub to the trig point.


Podgers Trig Station

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