Summary: The Kings Tableland Power Easement Lookout (also called the 3 Trig Lookout) offers sweeping Jamison Valley views from a large rock platform.

This lookout doesn’t have an official name, and doesn’t appear on the current topographic map… but it’s on Google Maps as the Kings Tableland Power Easement Lookout, so we’ll go with that name. While the views aren’t particularly spectacular, the rock platform has some interesting sandstone formations and you’ll probably have it to yourself, unlike the much busier Lincolns Rock which is nearby. (A better option is Sunset Rock Lookout, which has better views and is also relatively unknown.)

To the north-west is Inspiration Point and Sublime Point, and the cliffs below Leura.

To the west and further down the Jamison Valley is Mount Solitary and Narrow Neck.

Above the lookout to the east are two radio towers, which are a critical link in the civil aviation radio communications network. The two radio towers are also trig points, and in the scrub below the towers is the Podgers trig station. As a result this lookout has also been referred to as the Three Trig Lookout.

You can walk around the bottom of the Kings Tableland Power Easement Lookout, which has some interesting weathering around the base of the rocks.

Getting to the Kings Tableland Power Easement Lookout

Head for the base of the two radio towers, which is accessed via a service trail off Tableland Road about 3.3km from the Great Western Highway at Wentworth Falls, and park near the locked gate. Make sure you don’t block the gate! Follow the rough 4WD road road which skirts around the radio communications facility. It’s about a 10min drive from Wentworth Falls and a 10 minute walk to the lookout.

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