Summary: Gannet Beach is a small beach in Bawley Point, on the NSW south coast ideal for swiming, snorkelling and surfing.

A small beach in Bawley Point, Gannet Beach is south of Jurwin Head. It’s ideal for swimming (waves averaging around one metre), snorkelling and surfing and is generally fairly quiet. (Dog are allowed on-leash – the neighbouring Cormorant Beach allows dogs off-leash 24×7.)

Gannet Beach at Bawley Point

Getting to Cormorant Beach

Gannet Beach is accessed multiple short access paths from Malibu Drive in Bawley Point (approx 3.5 hours south of Sydney). From 8am-1pm the FLO Coffee Van above the southern end of the beach provides (great) coffee, snacks and toasties (open 4-7 days a week depending on time of year).

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