Some areas have a high concentration of indigenous heritage sites, which are often interrelated. The pages below are “collections” of geographically or thematically connected sites, with links to each individual site.

Shark Rock Ridge has a series of Aboriginal engraving sites, most of which were documented by Campbell in 1899 and McCarthy in 1960. A few shelters with art and additional engraving sites were recorded more recently.
The Hunting Site and Lyrebird Site are two Aboriginal engraving sites in Terrey Hills, One represents a hunting scene, and the other is named after an engraving of a lyrebird.
Among the many Aboriginal engraving sites around Cottage Point are a number which depict Baiame, a deity figure and ancestral hero of the Aboriginal people.
Off-track exploration of the Aboriginal engravings on Topham Hill, just south of the Topham Track. 
A series of six Aboriginal engraving sites within the Warrah Sanctuary (now Brisbane Water National Park) which were documented by McCarthy.