A significant Aboriginal engraving site, which has a group of figures engraved on a small rock platform near the walking track.

Situated not far from a bushwalking track that starts at the end of Alston Drive is a small, but significant, Aboriginal engraving site. It was illustrated some years ago, which captures all of the figures. (It’s interesting to see that the forest around the site has almost no undergrowth, which is very different from the bush today.)

Source: Man Made the City but God Made the Bush

The site depicts nine figures with outstretched arms and possibly a kangaroo; they are still clearly visible, although early morning or late afternoon light is best to see them.

This video by Matt Niven also describes the engravings, as well as a more recent engraving further down the track.

The figures have been described as “warriors” or a scene where “three men are chasing away two women from the site”… but as with most Aboriginal sites, we don’t know what the site means or its significance.

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