Summary: An off-track bushwalk from the Bowen Hill Trail in the Wollemi National Park. It passes the Dragon Teeth Rocks and other interesting rock formations along what has been coined Revelations Ridge.

There are few certainties in life, but there is one thing that I’m certain of: if Yuri and his bunch of motley (sorry, intrepid) bushwalkers were around 200 years ago, we would all live on streets and in suburbs with more colourful names! It’s hard to resist a walk that explores Revelations Ridge and Dragon Teeth Rocks…

Led by Yuri, we set-off from the Bowen Hill Trail across the gully between the Bowen Hill Ridge and Revelations Ridge.

There’s a little bit of water in the creek at the bottom of the gully a small patch of thick scrub to traverse – but it’s a fairly easy walk so far, as we head up the opposite side of the gully.

We’re soon on top of the wide Revelations Ridge.

Our first stop is a vantage point that Yuri had identified on a previous trip as offering one of the best views from Revelations Ridge. The vista to the west is over Bowen Creek towards the Wollangambe Wilderness.

We continue along Revelations Ridge, which is very pleasant walking through eucalypt forest, grassland and some interesting rock formations.

Near the northern end of the ridge are the Dragon Teeth Rocks, discovered (and named) by Yuri a few months earlier:

We now scrambled up to the top of the cliffs above the gully, entering an area of amazing beauty. Instead of the usual smooth brown stone platform, we found here remarkable sharp jagged tooth-like rock shapes and pillars, 1-2 metres high, jutting from the ground; there were several small caves with cavities and windows, capped by claw-like features. These rock formations are in my opinion very unusual as I had not seen them anywhere else before. This entire complex is located on top of an extensive rock platform with awe-inspiring views into the Bowens Creek Gorge.

Yuri Bolotin, Wollemi National Park: Honeycomb Way trip notes

In a gully directly below are more interesting and weathered rock formations.

Around the two teeth are several caves, where the wind has hollowed out the boulders into interesting shapes which frame a view over the distant valleys and ridges.

There’s still more to see along the end of the ridge, as we continue in an easterly direction along the top of the cliffs.

A column of rock – perhaps a future Dragon Tooth – stands incongruously near the the edge of the wide platform.

Nearby, a rock with the appearance of shark fin, or a wave, juts up. Looking out from the cliffs is a great view over the deep Bowens Creek Gorge.

From here we start to head back towards the cars, continuing along the top of the gully (which we’ll eventually need to cross) before picking the easiest path down to the bottom of the gully.

After a short scramble up from the creek, it’s a fairly quick and easy walk back up to Bowen Hill Ridge and and the Bowen Hill Trail.

Getting to Revelations Ridge

This bushwalk is entirely off track. Starting from the locked NPWS gate on the Bowen Hill Trail, head west across a gully and up to the next ridge (Revelations Ridge). There are many rock formations to explore along the ridge, including many more previously found by Yuri that we didn’t have time to visit on this walk:
268850 6296760 Starting point near locked gate (Bowen Hill Trail)
267700 6209750 Dragon Teeth Rock
267570 6297370 Start of Honeycomb Way (climb out at 268120 6298070)
267570 6297420 Revelations Chamber
266770 6297990 Cosmic Overhang

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Katrina Hemingway · October 31, 2023 at 8:11 am

This walk looks interesting. I can source it from Alltrails? How do you get to join any of Yuri’s off the beaten exploration walks? Does he belong to a bush walking group? Or any with you Oliver would be good? Best wishes Katrina

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