Summary: Two separate, paved bushwalking trails (which start at same place) take you to the rocky Pebble Beach and two viewpoints on Double Head. An informal track goes to the summit of the wee Pebble Beach Peak for more great views,

Both the Pebble Beach Peak (an informal track) and the paved trail to the Double Head View Viewpoint are short bushwalks in the diminutive Capricorn Coast National Park. Both trails start next to each other, from the same carpark near Rosslyn Bay.

Pebble Beach Peak and Pebble Beach

The trail to Pebble Beach ascends gradually, with Pebble Beach Peak directly head… I’m really not sure if this is the correct name, or even if has an official name. The topographic map just shows it as a small, unnamed peak. But I’ve seen it named as Pebble Beach Peak, so that’s what I’ll call it…

After only about 100m there’s a faint trail on the left; it’s not marked and if you weren’t looking for it you’d walk straight past it. But it’s obvious enough if know it’s there. The trail is fairly easy to follow, and goes fairly directly up the side of the hill. (There’s some easy scrambling but no exposure – if you start to climb directly up a steep rock face, you’re going the wrong way!)

Alhough it’s only a little hill, there are some great views from the rocky summit: almost direcrly below to the east is Pebble Beach and Double Head (the headland on the other side of Pebble Beach, where we will be heading too next).

To the west is Rosslyn Bay and the Keppel Bay Marina, and behind it Lammermoor Beach and the town of Yeppoon.

And to the south is Kemp Beach, which stretches between Double Head and Bluff Point.

Once back on the formal, paved trail it’s only a short stroll down to Pebble Beach, a small and rocky bay. Just above the bay is a The Labyrinth – an unexplained circular maze of small stones. No-one knows who constructed this intriguing circle of rocks, which appeared in February 2015.

Double Head

Once back at the start of the Pebble Beach Trail (it’s only 200m to the bay), another track right next to it which heads up the headland on the northern side of Pebble Beach.

There are two lookouts – hence the name “Double Head” – with the track splitting into two near the top. One of them goes to Fan Rock Lookout, which provides a vantage point over the ocean and Fan Rock, which is the core of an old volcano.

It’s a good spot for sunrise, although I was there just before sunset…

The other trail continues ascending to Rosslyn Bay Lookout, which provide more expansive views.

From this lookout there’s a great aerial view of The Labyrinth, as well as views over Rosslyn Bay and Keppel Bay Marina.

The entire walk, covering three lookouts (if you include Pebble Beach Peak) is only 1.5km, so you can do this bushwalk in under an hour. There’s abother short (2.3km) loop bushwalk on Bluff Point about 2km to the south – this is the better bushwalk if you don’t have time to do both.

Getting to Pebble Beach Peak and the Double Head

Both trailheads start from a small carpark on Shoreline Close, which is at the end of Vin E Jones Memorial in Rosslyn Bay. It’s about 10km (15min drive) from Yeppoon or 50km (45min) from Rockhampton.

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