Summary: A short but scenic hike to the summit of Lille Raipas. At the peak there's an historic trig station, and panoramic views over the area.

This relatively short hike explores the Lille Raipas trig point, which forms part of the fascinating Struve Geodetic Arc. A series of over 200 trig stations established between 1816 and 1855 by the astronomer Friedrich Georg Wilhelm Struve, this project helped establish the exact size and shape of the planet. The Little Raipas hike starts on Stranddalen in Alta (Norway), and ascends along a service trail through the forest. It’s a nice and easy walk, with the forest a blaze of autumn colour.

The trail – called the Alta 10-toppers – passes a small (unnamed) lake and a small summer hut.

MG 7394 LR Exploring the historic Lille Raipas trig point

As the path ascends there’s a muddy section along another small lake – but a long and narrow boardwalk means our feet stay dry!

MG 7393 LR Exploring the historic Lille Raipas trig point

There’s some nice views as the track reaches some rocky outcrops, with Alta and the Alta Fjord in the distance.

MG 7379 LR Exploring the historic Lille Raipas trig point

At the highest-most point is the Lille Raipas trig point, and beyond it sweeping views over the surrounding area. I’ve seen the height of Lille Raipas recorded as both 275, 285m and 286m in elevation.

Panorama from Lille Raipas

Near the trig point is a UNESCO, marking this historically significant site.

There’s also a log book a the summit, which we fill in before returning down the hill.

Filling in the logbook on Lille Raipas summit

More information on Lille Raipas

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