Summary: The Bombi Moor Circuit a fairly exposed route through the coastal heathland of Bouddi National Parks, with side-trips to three headlands and the picturesque Little Beach. Best walked outside summer.

I’ve walked the Bombi Moor Trail many times as part of the Bouddi Coastal Walk, but have never done this bushwalk as a loop walk (with the Old Quarry Trail) or explored the side trails. Which in hindsight is not a bad thing: this would be a nice walk in winter, but in the middle of summer it’s pretty unpleasant. Being mostly on firetrails. the walk is exposed and there isn’t much to see. The walk starts pleasantly enough, as we set off down the Old Quarry Trail from the end of Grahame Drive. The firetrail is fairly shaded as it ascends gently through tall forest.

After about a kilometre, we turn onto the Bombi Moor Trail, and almost immediately reach the junction with out first side-trail, the Third Point Trail. It’s a very exposed firetrail that descends though low heath (or to more specific, an “extremely fragile open clay heath plant community dominated by sparse clusters of stunted vegetation”) to the cliff line.

awat6126 lr Bombi Moor Circuit (Bouddi NP)

At the end of the firetrail is a sheer drop at the end of the cliff line, with views of the coast in both directions. (The name “bombi” is of Aboriginal origin, and means “water swirling around rocks” – which is quite apt as we look down on the swirling surf below).

Hidden out of sight, in thick scrub a few metres back from the edge of the cliff, is the remains of Bombi Trig Station TS10862. It’s one of three trig stations in Bouddi National Park.

It’s back the same way to the top of the Third Point Trail, then continuing along the Bombi Moor Trail until we reach a three-way junction with the imaginately named 78 and 81 Trails. We set-up down the 81 Trail first. Another wide firetrail, it’s also exposed and we’re in full sun as we trek down towards the coast.

awat6142 lr Bombi Moor Circuit (Bouddi NP)

Like the Third Point Trail, it also has a view of the rocky cliffs to the south. However, these cliffs must be more dangerous or the walk attracts less intelligent bushwalkers, as a helpful sign points out that there is a cliff edge…

The outlook from here is marginally better than from the Third Point: looking to the north you get a view of Mourawaring Point and Tudibaring Point (Copacabana) in the distance.

awat6146 lr Bombi Moor Circuit (Bouddi NP)

The last – and shortest – side-trail is the 78 Trail. The firetrail end a bit before the cliff-line, but a walking rack continues to the edge of the cliff. There’s a great of Little Beach almost directly below, and Mourawaring Point (the next headland).

awat6151 lr Bombi Moor Circuit (Bouddi NP)

The rest of the Bombi Moors Trail is a bushwalking track that descends to meet the Little Beach Trail. The track is shaded again by tall forest, and it’s nice to get out of the hot sun! It’s a short 350m descent along the Little Beach Trail down to Little Beach, a small and protected beach that’s generally not too busy.

img 9403 lr Bombi Moor Circuit (Bouddi NP)

From the junction of the Bombi Moors Trail and Little Beach Trail, there are two options: continue along the Little Beach Trail (a firetrail), or take the Little Beach Walking Track (a bushwalking track).

On the way back, we make a final stop to admire some Aboriginal engravings. Still well-preserved, it’s a relatively unusual vertical engraving of a whale, within which is another engraving of a fish, as well as separate fish.

Although the Bombi Moors loop is only 2.5km, once you add in all the side-trips, it becomes a 7km circuit – most of which is in full sun. So we’re glad to get back to the car for our next bushwalk…

0.0km Start of Old Quarry Trail
1.0km Turn onto Bombi Moor Trail
1.1km Junction with Third Point Trail
      [1.5km return to Third Point]
1.7km Junction with 81 and 78 Trails
      [1.6km return to end of 81 Trail]
      [0.8km return to end of 78 Trail]
2.1km Junction with Little Beach Trail
      [0.7km return to Little Beach]
2.5km Graham Drive (end of Little Beach Walking Trail]

Information on Bombi Moor Circuit

For more information on Bouddi National Park including all the bushwalks, picnic areas, beaches and the best lookouts, have a look at the Guide to Bouddi National Park.

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