Although the sun has set and it’s getting dark, I decide having just completed the Chiltern Trail plus a few side-trips that I may well as well have a quick look at the nearby Chiltern North Trail. It’s another firetrail, shorter and much flatter than the nearby Chiltern Trail.

Like the Chiltern Trail, the Chilterm North Trail is not the most interesting bushwalk (but would be the perfect mountain-biking track for younger kids, being smooth and flat).  There’s one informal lookout with views to the west over Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park towards McCarrs Creek.


About a third of the way around the loop at the end, there’s a bushwalking trail that heads west. It leads to some interesting rock formations, and more views over the national park.

There’s also some nice caves, which overlook the valley.


Back on the main track, I finish the loop at the end of the Chiltern North Trail and head down another trail which is also on the western side. It ends at an unofficial camping area, which would be a nice spot if it wasn’t strewn with rubbish.


I head back to the car, with the sky a dark red from the setting sun.


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