Summary: A challenging, mostly off-track loop that goes from Bibbenluke to Anembo Reserve. It uses the Bibbenluke Track and an informal trail down from the Anembo Reserve to access Kierans Creek.

From the end of the Bibbenluke Track a week prior, it seemed possible to follow Cowan Creek and Kierans Creek all the way up to the Callamine Trail. I’m back here to see if this route is viable, on what may be one of the last warm autumn days of the year… There’s a few people jumping off the rocks into Cowan Creek and another family picnicking on the opposite side when I reach the end of the Bibenluke Track – which is the last time I see anyone for the rest of the day!


The section along Cowan Creek is not as difficult as I feared; the easiest path is generally close to the water, just above the high-tide mark, which avoids the fallen trees and undergrowth higher up the slope.

As it bends to the east, Cowan Creek is still pretty deep with some nice swimming holes.


There’s a last pool before a rocky section that marks the end of the tidal Cowan Creek, and the start of Kierans Creek.

There’s trees and ferns right down to the water, but it’s not too difficult to find a path along the creek. It’s very shaded with a rainforest-like feeling, as the creek alternates between cascades through fern-covered boulders, and deep pools fringed by trees.



After about 600m – although it feels a lot further – I reach Christies Pool, which can also be accessed via the Warrimoo Track and a few other routes. The pool is at the confluence of Kierans Creek and Ku-ring-gai Creek, so it’s important to stay on the northern side of Kierans Creek, as Ku-ring-gai Creek is pretty deep and not easily crossed.


Continuing up Kierans Creek, there’s more cascades and pools that make it a very pleasant, albeit slow, journey upstream.


As I near the rough track up to Anembo Reserve which is where I leave the creek, I can’t resist a (very) quick dip in the cold water in one of the deep swimming holes.


There’s a few more cascades before I leave the creek behind…

I had planned to continue further up the creek, but I’ve started a bit late and progress is fairly slow (not helped by constant stops to take photos). I decide to exit via the Anembo Reserve track to complete the circuit back to the car. With the sun starting to set, I reach the top of the track up from the valley, and continue along the Anembo Reserve Trail. Although I didn’t get as far as I intended, the Bibbenluke to Anembo Reserve section of Kierans Creek has been a very enjoyable off-track walk.

There’s some rocky platforms and nice views over the valley from the Anembo Reserve Trail, which is somethign in between a fire trail and a bushwalking track.


There’s a junction where the Anembo Reserve Trail splits into one trail that goes up to Anembo Road, and another that links to the Bibbenluke Track to the west. It’s an odd track that appears on only some topographical maps. Sometimes it’s a wide trail, sometimes a narrow track and in a few places there are fallen trees.

Most of the track, occasional obstacles aside, is pleasant walking through light forest and across a couple of streams.


I’m back at the car just after sunset; in hindsight I should have started much earlier than 1pm, but it’s still been a very nice excursion. Other than a handful at the end of the Bibbenluke Track I haven’t met another person – although I later discover that I’ve picked up an unwanted hitchhiker when a very fat leech drops off my leg during dinner…

0.0km Start of Bibbenluke Track
1.8km End of Bibbenluke Track
3.2km Christies Pool
4.3km Track up to Anembo Reserve
5.2km Anembo Reserve Trail
5.5km Anembo Reserve Trail splits into two (turn left)
6.5km Junction with Bibbenluke Track
6.8 End of Bibbenluke Track

More information on Bibbenluke to Anembo Reserve via Kierans Creek

There are no tracks along Kierans Creek, but you can follow the entire length of the creek from Cowan Creek up to its source in Terrey Hills. The difficulty varies and it’s a challenging and slow route, but pleasant in summer when you can wade up the creek and enjoy the relatively cooler temperatures at the bottom of the valley. This section (from Cowan Creek) is hardest, as the water is a bit too deep at the start to wade in, and the scrub along the creek gets a bit thick in a few sections.

You can access Kierans Creek from the:

For more bushwalks (as well as swimming spots and other activities) visit the Guide to Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park.

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