Summary: A rough track from Anembo Reserve in Duffys Forest down to the picturesque Kierans Creek.

My Kierans Creek adventure was one of those walks that really didn’t turn out as planned…. My original plan was to explore some of the trails in the Anembo Reserve, combining the Anembo Reserve Trail with the Bibbenluke Track to form a short loop. An easy Sunday afternoon walk.

The plan became unstuck after the first ten metres… a well-formed track heading south, that wasn’t on any of my maps or on the signage board, beckoned. I figured it would probably join up with the Anembo Reserve Track. So, I headed down this track. After about 800m this “unnamed track” does in fact in meet another track. But… the track I’m on seems to continue south, marked by rock cairns and metal squares.

It seems almost rude not to continue to follow the markers; someone obviously went to consider effort to mark this trail. Sometimes the trail is obvious; often it’s not, but there’s always a trail marker in site.

After about 300m the trail reaches a wide rock platform, with views through the trees across the valley. I’m thinking this is perhaps the destination; it’s a nice spot despite the high-voltage transmission lines spanning the valley.


But no, the markers continue, with the track continuing through a cleft in the rocks as it descends to the bottom of the valley. This section is much steeper, and the track less distinct as it zig-zags between larger boulders – but there’s always a marker in sight!

Finally, the “track” reaches Kierans Creek. It’s a really nice spot, and I’d be happy having a break here, before returning. But, the markers continue along the other side of the creek, heading downstream…

I don’t have long to explore as it’s getting late in the day, and I didn’t bring my head-torch. I’ve got time to go about 300m downstream – it’s a beautiful spot, with a number of pools and cascades along the creek.


I return along the opposite side of the creek – it’s fairly easy going along both sides – before returning the same way to the car. The climb back up seems almost easier than the descent, with the route seeming more obvious!

Not the walk I expected – but a great little find. Having reviewed the route more closely, I discover I’m only a few hundred metres from Christies Pool, a walk I did a week or so ago. It would be very feasible to continue down Kierans Creek to Christies Pool, allowing a number of different loop tracks to be made. I’ll definitely be back to explore a few more options!

For more bushwalks (as well as swimming spots and other activities) visit the Guide to Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park.

0.0km Anembo Reserve (Duffys Forest)
0.8km Junction with another major track; minor trail from here
1.2km Trail reaches rock platform
1.6km Trail reaches Kierans Creek
1.9km Trail continues downstream (this is far as I go) 
3.9km Return to start of track

More information on Kierans Creek

There are no tracks along Kierans Creek, but you can follow the entire length of the creek from Cowan Creek up to its source in Terrey Hills. The difficulty varies and it’s a challenging and slow route, but pleasant in summer when you can wade up the creek and enjoy the relatively cooler temperatures at the bottom of the valley. You can access Kierans Creek from the:

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