Summary: The Sphinx Loop is short bushwalk that connects the popular Sphinx Track and the less-used Sphinx Trail with an off-track section.

A popular Bobbin Head bushwalk is the Sphinx to Bobbin Head Loop, which connects the Sphinx, Warrimoo and Bobbin Head tracks to form an 11km circuit. But there are actually two Sphinx trails; the popular Sphinx Track and the less-travelled Sphinx Trail (a firetrail). It’s possible to link these to form the much shorter Sphinx Loop…

I’m starting near the national park entry station, as the Sphinx carpark gate closes at 5:30pm, and walking down the road to the official start of the walk.

Ignore the well sign-posted Sphinx Walking Track (unless are you doing the Sphinx Loop in the opposite direction), and continue along the Sphinx Trail. It’s a wide fire trail and is easy walking as it gradually descends – you’ll probably have the trail to yourself. (It’s much easier to do the Sphinx Loop in this direction; if you climb up from the bottom it’s a bit harder to find the  Sphinx Trail.)

Near the top are some interesting caves and rock formations – otherwise there isn’t a lot to see along the trail.

The Sphinx Trail ends above a small cliff, with filtered views across the valley. I’m not sure the reason for the Sphinx Trail – there’s no electricity pylon here (a common reason for fire trails) or other practical purpose of this trail.


There is no marked route from here down to the Warrimoo Track – but there is a fairly obvious way through a cleft in the rocks and then down the end of the ridge. There’s not much undergrowth so I don’t try too hard to find a trail – it’s just as easy to walk directly down, skirting a few boulders and fallen trees.

Where the “track” joins the Warrimoo Track, there’s a wide sandy beach. It’s directly opposite the end of the Bibbenluke Track, that I walked a few days earlier.


There are three kids swinging off the rope into the water, on the opposite side of the creek. It’s obviously pretty deep here! And fairly cold, but that doesn’t seem a deterrent!


From here there’s a short distance along the Warrimoo Track, crossing a small creek, before reaching the junction with the Sphinx Track. You complete the Sphinx Loop by return via the Sphinx Walking Track.

This bushwalking track is a much nicer (and busier) walk than the Sphinx Trail, as it heads up a valley parallel to the ridge that the Sphinx Trail followed.

About half-way along the track, it re-crosses the creek and passes a large sandstone cave.

Rather than walking back up the road, I turn onto the Sphinx Trail, which joins the Bobbin Head Trail just before it reaches Bobbin Head Road. It’s a nicer way back up to where I left the car.

Overall, the Sphinx Loop has been a nice walk with a bit of off-track adventure. If you’ve got time, do the longer Sphinx/Warrimoo loop . Otherise the Sphinx Loop gets you down to Cowan Creek and includes the very pleasant Sphinx Walking Track, in a uch shorter loop walk!

0.0km Start of Sphinx Trail near Sphinx Memorial
0.1km Junction with Sphinx Track (continue on Sphinx Trail)
1.3km End of Sphinx Trail
1.6km Warrimoo Track
2.0km Start of Sphinx Track
3.2km Junction with Sphinx Tra
3.6km Turn onto Sphinx Trail
3.7km Bobbin Head Road

More information on Sphinx Loop

A short section of the Sphinx Loop bushwalk is off-track – it’s not particularly challenging, but be prepared for rough terrain and some basic route-finding. It’s a good introduction to off-track walking in Ku-ring-gai Chase.

For more bushwalks (as well as swimming spots and other activities) visit the Guide to Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park.

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