A short climb to the exposed mountain peak of Glomtinden (419m), with extensive views over the Lofoten Islands.

It takes a couple of passes to find the starting point of the hike, which is a small parking area half-way along Rørvikvatnet lake. I’m dropped off and begin walking up the old gravel road (closed to traffic) that ascends gradually above the E10. There’s a few other people on the trail, which seems to be popular, but it’s not too busy. Views of Vestvågøy across the lake to the west get more impressive as the trail climbs.

After 1.6km, there’s a small foot-track on the right; it’s not sign-posted but is the route up to the Glomtinden summit (the gravel road continues for another 2km or so before it joins the E10, and is an alternate access point for the walk).

The view continues to get better as the narrow track ascends more steeply, soon reaching a small outcrop of rocks. There’s now also views to the east, with Hopsvatnet lake below.

After 2.7km, there’s a small plateau just before the summit, with a rocky platform that juts out to the east. The view from here is spectacular: from Rørvikvatnet lake to Hopsvatnet lake and Svolvaer in the distance, with the mountain of Vågakallen (943m) to the south.


From here I’ve just got the last, steep 200m to the summit, with some scrambling required at times. There’s a couple of routes you can follow to the top – or just make up your own!

From the top of Glomtinden, the view to the east is really no better than from the saddle below… but you now get 360-degree views, from Rørvikvatnet lake to the west, the lakes of Hopsvatnet and Hopspollen to the north-east,  and Kabelvag and Svolvaer to the east.


Rørvikvatnet lake and the E10 highway, with Sørfjellet to the left and the mountains on Vestvågøy in the distance

From the top, it’s a quick, 45min descent back to the car park at the bottom. It’s been a very enjoyable introduction to Lofoten Island hiking!


Location At Rørvikvatnet on west side of E10 tunnel; look for a gravel road (closed to traffic) that has a small parking area. (It’s also possible to start at Hopsvatnet on the eastern side of tunnel.)
Distance 6km return (from Rørvikvatnet start point)
Grade Easy. 340m ascent.
Season/s Summer/Autumn
Map  Topographical maps on-line at GotTur.no
Resources Explore Lofoten” (book) by Kristin Folsland Olsen (p.54)  – a great resource with over 60 walks
One of the Top 10 Lofoten Islands hike on Switchback travel


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bardiq · May 29, 2018 at 9:35 am

Hey, I’m gonna visit Lofoten this September and accidentally stumbled on your blog. Is the starting point is far from Henningsvær? We’re about to stay one night in Henningsvær and looking for an easy hike nearby.

    oliverd :-) · June 1, 2018 at 8:58 am

    Sorry for slow reply…. work is getting in the way of hiking and updating my blog 🙁 The walk is not so far (by car) from Henningsvær – about 10km/15min. Take the 816 from Henningsvær and tun right onto the E10. The start of the walk (not very well marked) is just after this intersection – if you got through a tunnel you’ve gone too far! It’s a nice walk, with great views. (Having said that, I only had time for a short walk – the higher and steeper Vågakallen would be my pick if you have 3-4 hours spare, and it’s only 4km from Henningsvær.) Enjoy your holiday!

      bardiq · June 1, 2018 at 9:02 am

      Sure, and I’m considering Festvågtind too. Thank you. 🙂

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