Summary: Tolmer Falls is a tall waterfall in LItchfield National Park, reached by a short 800m return walk, or a 1.6km loop trail.

Tolmer Falls is regarded as one of the most spectacular falls in Litchfield National Park, although it can only be viewed from a distance. The falls were named by explorer Frederick Henry Litchfield after his late father’s colleague in the South Australia Police, Alexander Tolmer.

The waterfall drops about 35m from the escarpment into one deep plunge pool.

There’s a short (400m) walking track to a viewing platform over the falls, and a longer 1.6km return walk that follows Tolmer Creek.

Swimming is not permitted in any of the rock pools along Tolmer Creek, and it’s not possible to enter the gorge or reach the base of Tolmer Falls (access trails going into the Tolmer Gorge were closed in the 1990s to protect critically endangered bats which live in the gorge).

Getting to Tolmer Falls

The carpark for the falls is off Litchfield Park Road, about 140km (1:40min drive) from Darwin. The falls are accessible year-round, and are more impressive in the Wet Season (November-April).

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