Summary: The Thredbo River Cascades is the largest of hundreds of cascades along the river. The small waterfall has a viewing platform and wooden bench.

The Thredbo River drops steeply from its source just below Mount Leo within the Kosciuszko National Park, flowing though Thredbo village before reaching Lake Jindabyne. Along the river are hundreds of small cascades and rapids, with the Thredbo River Cascades being one of the larger waterfalls, where the river drops over three small tiers. It’s reached by a pleasant bushwalk that closely follows the Thredbo River from Thredbo village.

Thredbo River Cascade

Although it doesn’t have a name, the cascades have a small viewing platform (Cascades Lookout) next to the walking track, and a wooden bench.

AWAT2790 LR Thredbo River Cascades - a small alpine waterfall

Getting to the Thredbo River Cascades

You’ll pass the waterfall if you’re doing the Thredbo to Eagles Nest via Dead Horse Gap loop walk – but if you’re after a quiet walk around the Thredbo village, this is a good option.

From Thredbo Village (4.7km return)

The walking track passes the Thredbo Golf Course, before closely following the river. There’s no steep sectons, but the track undulates a little as follows the Thredbo River upstream. From the Cascades Lookout, you can turn back or continue onto the Cascades Trackhead on the Alpine Way.

From Cascades trackhead (4.3km return)

It’s a pretty similar distance from the Cascades trackhead (as it is from Thredbo village) to the Cascades Lookout. Although this is a little less convenient if you’re staying at Thredbo, as you’ll need to drive to the trackhead via the Alpine Way (6km / 8min), it’s a nicer walk. The track crosses the river a couple of times via metal bridges, and offers some sweeping alpine vistas.

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