Summary: A spectacular waterfall in Hazelbrook, Terrace Falls consist of eight cascades, before the creek flows through a small grotto.

The star of the waterfalls in the Terrace Falls Reserve, Terrace Falls consists of a series of tiered cascades, before the creek flows through a small, shaded grotto.

It’s a beautiful, tranquil and relatively infrequently-visited spot.

It’s fairly obvious how the falls got their name, and it was the first scenic feature to be accessed with a walking track built in the reserve in 1892. Over time, a few bridges were built across the creek to provide a better view of the upper cascades – but they were all washed away.

Hazelbrook, 55 miles, 2,210 feet, is marked by an air of business; local residents are emphatic in inviting the world to their beautiful Terrace Falls, and they have reason to feel proud of them. The Falls lie within a mile and a half of the station on the southern side. Leaving the station by the level crossing at the western end, the roadway leads over rising ground and thence by a picturesque pathway through the bush.

At a distance of about three-quarters of a mile the path dips into a hollow through which a pretty little mountain stream passes, which is crossed by stepping-stones. Following the course of the stream for about three-quarters of a mile, the path again rises until, from a vantage point immediately above the Falls, a magnificent view is obtained of the Falls and the valley down which the stream passes after its plunge into the gorge by means of a series of terraces or steps from which the Falls derive their name.

Continuing by means of the pathway, the visitor descends by a zig-zag route to the bottom of the amphitheatre at the foot of the Falls, where a magnificent view of the terrace, 300 or 400 feet in height, hemmed in and surmounted by thick and luxuriant foliage, is obtained, the growth of ferns also being extremely rich and beautiful, completely and thickly clothing the steep walls on either side.

Hazelbrook in The Blue Mountain Echo, Sat 25 Dec 1909

Getting to Terrace Falls

Terrace Falls is about 2.6km return from the end of Terrace Falls Road; the bushwalking track descends steeply at the end and requires a bit of scrambling to get to Victor Falls, before continuing to Terrace Falls. The waterfall is also part of a 5km Terrace Falls Loop which takes in four picturesque waterfalls and a couple of swimming holes. It’s best done after some decent rain. The start of the walk is 1.6km from Hazelbrook railway station, which is 18km (18min drive) from Katoomba or 88km (1:10min) west of Sydney.

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