Summary: Split Rock Falls (or Cleft Rock Falls) is the most spectacular of two waterfalls along the Split Rock Track in the Great Western Tiers.

Split Rock Falls (also called Cleft Rock Falls) is the second of two major waterfalls along the Split Rock Track (as well as few smaller cascades). The water plunge off a tall cliff, which is covered with moss and ferns.

Split Rock Falls

There’s a large overhang beneath the cliff, and it’s possible to walk behind the waterfall without getting wet.

Split Rock Falls

Below the falls, the water cascades down a narrow, rocky chute which has been smoothed out by the river.

Split Rock Falls

The force of the falls can also be seen in the rocks at the base of the fall, which have lots of smooth holes formed by the cascading water.

IMG 0127 LR Split Rock Falls - a waterfall you can walk behind

Getting to Split Rock Falls / Cleft Rock Falls

Split Rock Falls is about 1.5km from Meander Falls Road; look for a trail of the main Split Rock Track that goes past this waterfall, as well as Split Rock Falls. This waterfall is about 100m from the Shower Cave Falls, which is on the same track.

The walk can be easily be done in 1-2 hours, although parts of the track are rough and steep.

It’s best to combine this track with the Meander Falls Track to do a loop walk (11.5km), which also visits the spectacular Meander Falls.

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