Summary: Lower Gledhill Falls is a spectacular waterfall, where McCarrs Creek is forced through a narrow chute and plunges into a small pool far below.

Although not as popular as the Upper Gledhill Falls, the Lower Gledhill Falls are far more spectacular. McCarrs Creek plunges vertically through a narrow chute, into a pool far below.

Lower Gledhill Falls

Reaching the top of the falls is not too difficult, although there isn’t a formal trail. The route follows the edge of McCarrs Creek downstream. Some scrambling is required to reach the top of the waterfall, where the creek is forced through a narrow gap in the rocks. Sheer cliffs surround the pool at the bottom of the falls.

img 1662 lr Lower Gledhill Falls (McCarrs Creek)

The waterfall can also be seen from McCarrs Creek Road, opposite the end of the Chiltern Trail.

img 4168 lr Lower Gledhill Falls (McCarrs Creek)

Above the main falls, there are multiple smaller cascades along the creek. There’s also few wide and calm sections where you could go for a swim (although getting into the water can be a bit tricky in some places).

img 1642 lr Lower Gledhill Falls (McCarrs Creek)

Below the falls there are some more smaller cascades along the creek.

IMG 3885 LR Lower Gledhill Falls (McCarrs Creek)

More information on Lower Gledhill Falls

The walk to the top of the falls is an off-track walk. You don’t need any navigation skills as you’re following the creek, but it’s not suitable for young children and a bit of scrambling is required. Getting to the bottom of the falls requires some serious scrambling (and ideally some rope) if you are approaching from the top of the waterfall.

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