Summary: A pair of waterfalls along Frenchs Creek in Garigal National Park, Frenchs Creek Falls is very picturesque - especially after heavy rain. It's reached by a short and partly rough walking track.

A picturesque waterfall in Garigal National Park (especially after rain), Frenchs Creek Falls has two separate drops, accessed by several informal trails. The bottom, multi-tiered drop is the most impressive.

You can access Frenchs Creek Falls as a short “out and back” bushwalk, or a longer loop by continuing along the Frenchs Creek Track, and returning via the Heath Trail (8.4km loop).

Frenchs Creek Falls

Getting to Frenchs Creek Falls

It’s fairly easy to reach the waterfall, although some of the tracks are fairly rough. The Frenchs Creek Track descends from the end of Wanniti Road in Belrose, along a somewhat eroded set of timber steps.

After a couple of hundred metres, a track leads to the top of the uppermost waterfall. Even after heavy rain, you can’t see much of the waterfall from this vantage point.

The Top Waterfall

AWAT1952 LR Frenchs Creek Falls - a picturesque Garigal NP waterfall

Another trail looks like it may provide a better view of the falls – but ends at a thick clump of bamboo that blocks further progress.

A short distance further, another path leads to an overhang close to the bottom of the upper falls. This looks more promising.

After rain, the overhang gets muddy and a bit challenging to negotiate, as you need to crouch or crawl under the low cave. It lets you get right next to the upper falls.

Frenchs Creek Falls - upper waterfall

The Lower (Main) Waterfall

The lower French Creek Waterfall is the most spectacular, and a little easier to reach. Continue along the Frenchs Creek Track, past a small creek and an enormous shelter above the track. After a few hundred metres, you’ll see the Frenchs Creek Falls through the trees. This is about the best view you’ll get from the Frenchs Creek Track.

Look for an unmarked track that descends to the creek, just below the falls. (Unfortunately, while the depict an almost tropical landscape along the creek, the vegetation consists mainly bamboo. There’s also a lot or rubbish that’s been swept into the creek.)

If it hasn’t rained for a while, you can easily walk up the base of the lower falls. After heavy rain, the rocks can get fairly slippery, but with care you can get directly in front of the multi-tiered waterfall without geting wet feet. But watch out for leeches…

Frenchs Creek Falls

Getting to Frenchs Creek Falls

The walking track to the waterfall (which continues to The Cascades in St Ives) starts from the end of Wanniti St in Belrose. It’s about a half hour drive from the Sydney CBD or ten minutes from Frenchs Forest in Sydney’s north.

It’s about 0’4km to the lower falls, and you can continue to The Cascades in St Ives (which makes a nice one-way trip if you can arrange transport) or return via the Heath Trail to form a longer loop.

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