Summary: Fortress Creek Falls is a spectacular but hard-to-reach waterfall, where Fortress Creek plunges over a cliff into the Grose Valley. At the top of the falls are some spectacular, cliff-top rock pools.

Fortress Creek Falls is formed by Fortress Creek plunging dramatically over a 100 metre cliff above the Grose Valley, before it continues to Govetts Creek. You can see the falls in the distance from the Lockleys Pylon track.

At the top of Fortress Creek Falls are some small rockpools, just before the creek drops over the cliff edge.

The rockpools make a great spot to enjoy the sweeping views over the Grose Valley. It’s a spectacular location.

A video by Hidden Gems provides a great view of this waterfall.

Getting to Fortress Creek Falls

You can access the top of the waterfall from the Fortress Ridge track (the route down is described here), with the rough walking trail descending to the creek just above the falls. Some route-finding skills are required. You can also follow Fortress Creek downstream to the waterfall, but this is a canyoning trip that requires abseiling gear and experience.

The best view of Fortress Creek Falls is from about three kilometres along the Lockleys Pylon trail, which starts along Mount Hay Road.

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