Summary: Crystal Shower Falls is a spectacular waterfall along the Wonga Walk, in the Dorrigo National Park. A walking path lets you get behind the falls.

The Crystal Shower Falls is the star attraction of the Wonga Walk in Dorrigo National Park, and many people just do the shorter walk to this picturesque waterfall. The (unnamed) creek plunges about 35m into a shallow pool beneath the waterfall.

Crystal Shower Falls

A suspension bridge crosses the creek below the waterfall, providing a great vantage point of cascade and the small pool at its base.

Crystal Shower Falls
IMG 5651 LR Crystal Shower Falls - a waterfall you can walk behind on the Wonga Walk

One of the features of this waterfall is a walking track that takes you behind the cascade, providing some different perspectives of the falls and allowing you to look through the veil of falling water.

Getting to Crystal Shower Falls

The only way to see Crystal Shower Falls is along the Wonga Walk track, which is just before Dorrigo on the Waterfall Way (coming from the coast). There are a couple of options:

  • The entire Wonga Walk loop is about 6km, and you can start from the Dorrigo Rainforest Centre (where there’s a cafe, shop and toilets) or from the Glade Picnic Area.
  • If you just want to see the Crystal Shower Falls, it’s 2km return from the Glade Picnic Area, which starts with the Satinbird Stroll along an elevated walkway through the rainforest. This section of the Wonga Walk is very easy walking, although it does descend to the falls. If you continue another 1.2km, you’ll reach the Tristania Falls.

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