Summary: The small but impressive Coachwood Falls is along the Rosewood Creek Track in Dorrigo National Park. There's a shallow pool at the top, and a deeper swimming hole at the base of the falls.

Located along the Rosewood Creek Track, Coachwood Falls is formed by Rosewood Creek plunging through a narrow channel between the rocks.

Coachwood Falls

There isn’t a great view fom the top of the falls, although it’s impressive to see the water gushing through the narrow channel. Take care as it’s very slippery in places – a sign warns that injuries and fatalities have occurred here.

Coachwood Falls

As you continue downstream along the walking track, there’s a better view of the waterfall (albeit obscured by trees).

AWAT9173 LR Coachwood Falls - a small Dorrigo NP waterfall with a swimming hole

Swimming at Coachwood Falls

There is a very shallow pool a short distance upstream from the top of the falls, which is the easiest spot to cool off – but not deep enough to swim. A rough track leads to a deep swimming hole at the base of the falls – athough if there’s been heavy rain, there may be a strong current, making it unsuitable for swimming!

Getting to Coachwood Falls

The Rosewood Creek Track starts at the Never Never Picnic Area, which is at the end of Dome Road. Coachwood Falls is roughly in the middle of the circuit, which I’d suggest doing in anti-clockwise direction. Dome Road starts near the Dorrigo Rainforest Centre, just off Waterfall Way, and is about a 15min (9.3km) drive. It’s partly unsealed but suitable for all vehicles. It’s about 1:15min drive from Coffs Harbour, and six hours north of Sydney.

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