Summary: The Salanfe River cascades down the narrow Gorges du Dailley (Dailley Gorge), beside a hiking trail with timber steps.

The Salanfe River in the canton of Valais plunges down the Gorges du Dailley (Dailley Gorge). A hiking path with wooden stairs and and viewpoints follows the waterfall along the narrow gorge. The Cascade Gorges du Dailley drops down over multiple stages, with about 50 metres of the total drop of about 150m being visible.

It’s a spectacular route – especially when the river is at full flow (the photo below right was taken when the river had a much higher flow). 

The cascades are above the “pissevache” or Cascade de la Pissevache.

Getting to the Cascade Gorges du Dailley

A hiking trail runs north to the gorge and Cascade Gorges du Dailley from the town of Salvan in the canton of Valais. It’s about 4.2km to the Auberge du Vallon de Van, or you can do a longer loop that traverses the Sex des Granges peak.

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[…] through pine forest, the wooden footpath soon enters the narrow gorge alongside the Cascade Gorges du Dailley. It ascends, often very steeply, via footbridges, tunnels and steep flights of […]

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