Summary: Bridal Veil Falls in Leura is a spectacular multi-tiered waterfall in the Blue Mountains, especially after heavy rain. There are viewing points both above and below the falls.

Not to be confused with Govetts Leap in Blackheath (which is sometimes also called Bridal Veil Falls), this waterfall is in Leura. The Leura Falls Creek cascades 35m down both sides of almost sheer cliff onto a rock platform. Bridal Veil Falls is a spectacular waterfall, which can be seen from a few vantage points.

Round Walk Lookout

The Leura Cascades Track descends to the Round Walk Lookout, a fenced lookout with a great view of the Bridal Veil Falls from above.

Bridal Veil Falls (Leura)

Beyond Bridal Veil Falls is Mount Solitary, framed by the nearby cliffs of the narrow valley.

Bridal Veil Falls (Leura)

Amphitheatre Track (Base of falls)

Continuing from the Leura Cascades Track along the Amphitheatre Track branches off to the left takes you to the base of Bridal Veil Falls Looking up at the waterfall, it’s obvious how it got its name!

Bridal Veil Falls (Leura)
Bridal Veil Falls (Leura)

Just downstream of the waterfall are some much smaller cascades, as Leura Falls Creek enters the rainforest.


Prince Henry Cliff Walk

Along the Prince Henry Cliff Walk is the Bridal Veil View, another lookout which is the easiest vantage point to see the falls.

Getting to Bridal Veil Falls

The walking trails all start from the Leura Cascades Picnic Area on Chelmsford Drive; it’s about 0.5km along the Leura Cascades Track to the upper lookout, and 0.8km to the base of the falls. A (very) short distance downstream from the base of the Bridal Veil Falls is Weeping Rock, a small but very photogenic cascade. You can return the same way, or continue along the Amphitheatre Trrack to form a longer loop walk.

The distance to the Bridal Veil View lookout along the Prince Henry Cliff Walk is also about 0.8km, but it’s a much easier walk that avoid a steep descent.

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