Summary: Hidden in plain sight, Bonnie Doon Falls (Ethel Falls) is just next to the Six Foot Track in Nellies Glen. A short off-track scramble gets you to the base of the falls.

You may have walked past this waterfall without taking any notice of it – Bonnie Doon Falls (which was originally called Ethel Falls) is visible from the Six Foot Track as it descends through Nellies Glen near Katoomba. But while it’s easy to reach the base of the falls, there’s no track.

A short scramble gets you to the base of the Bonnie Doon Falls, which gives you a good view of most of the waterfall’s drop from the cliffs above.

The falls are near the head of Megalong Creek, and while the creek almost always flows, it’s most impressive after rain.

It’s possible to get behind the waterfall, which has a long, cave at its base, for a different perspective.

The waterfall has been called Bonnie Doon Falls from the area in which it’s located – Bonnie Doon was named by John Britty North (1831-1917), a mining entrepreneur who was considered one of the “founding fathers” of the town of Katoomba. It was officially gazetted with this name in 1970, but this name had been in use from much earlier.

Getting to Bonnie Doon Falls (Ethel Falls)

The waterfall is reached via the Six Foot Track, and can be seen as you descend through Nellies Glen about 1.2km from the Explorers Tree on the Great Western Highway in Katoomba. To reach the base of the falls, there’s a relatively easy walk/scramble from the main track – the rocks near the base can be a bit slippery.

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