Summary: Blaxlands Falls or Buckham Falls is a waterfall along Shrimptons Creek. Above the waterfall is a series of small cascades.

Officially called Blaxlands Falls and informally referred to as Buckham Falls, this waterfall is formed by Shrimptons Creek flowing over a wide and high ledge into a large pool. It’s a beautiful waterfall – but surrounded by rubbish swept down by the creek. Shrimptons Creek traverses North Ryde and Macquarie Park through a fairly dense residential area before being funnelled underneath Macquarie Shopping Centre, so it picks up a lot of pollutants before it reaches the Lane Cove River. There’s an enormous pile of rubbish that has collected at the far end of the pool, and a faintly unpleasant smell in the air.

This would have been an idyllic spot a hundred-odd years ago; today, I’m keen to get out of here as soon as I’ve taken a few photos.

Blaxlands Falls or Buckham Falls

Above Blaxlands Falls are a series of shallow cascades where Shrimptons Creek flows across a wide rock platform.

Getting to Blaxlands Falls / Buckham Falls

The Shrimptons Creek Trail from the end of Leisure Close leads to the top of the waterfall. The signposted firetrail is at the end of a block of units, past a “private property” sign (desute the sign, the road is publicly accessible). Once at the top of the falls, a rough, steep and slippery trail leads down on the opposite side of the creek, down to the base of Blaxlands Falls.

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