Summary: Alexandra Falls and Hopetoun Falls are two waterfalls along the Liffey River, which are collectively called the Liffey Falls.

These two waterfalls are located very close together along the Liffey River, and can be seen from the (Upper) Liffey Falls walking trail.

Alexandra Falls and Hopetoun Falls

Near the top of Hopetoun Falls is a platform that provides a view of both falls, with a view down the second waterfall.

Hopetoun Falls

A short scramble off the trail provides another vantage point for Hopetoun Falls, from the bottom.

Hopetoun Falls

There are four waterfalls along the Liffey River (originally called Tellerpangger by the indigenous Panninher people), which are collectively called the Liffey Falls. From upstream, the four falls are:

  • Alexandra Falls
  • Hopetoun Falls
  • The Leap or Spout Falls (also called the Albert Falls)
  • Victoria Falls (sometimes called Liffey Falls)

Getting to the falls

The shortest access to Liffey Falls is via the Upper Liffey Falls Track, which is on the Riversdale Road about half an hour south-east of Deloraine (route partly unsealed and not suitable for long wheelbase vehicles such as caravans and motorhomes). The 2km return walk goes past all four waterfalls.

Alternate access is via the Lower Track, which starts on Bogan Road and is also about 30min from Deloraine. This route is suitable for all vehicles, with the walk to the main Liffey Falls being about 8km on a rougher track (and another 500m to Alexandra Falls and Hopetoun Falls).

Best time to visit

As the Liffey River drains a large area of the Great Western Tiers, it never dries up – and heavy rain in the Tiers can result in rapid and unexpected flooding. However, the volume of water can drop significantly during long dry periods, and the best time to view the falls is from the end of winter to early spring (July – October) when rainfall is highest.

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