Summary: The Terrey Hills Trig Station is located on top of a water reservoir, and can only be viewed from a distance.

The Terrey Hills Trig Station is on top of the taller of two water towers betweek Yulong Avenue and McCarrs Creek Road. So it’s easy to see from a distance… but you can’t get very close! The water reservoirs still supply water to the Terrey Hills area.

AWAT8130 LR Terrey Hills Trig Station

Named after one of the two original local land holders (Samuel Hills and Obediah James Terrey), the Terrey Hills Trig is not one of the original ones constructed in the area. The original trig (TS4323 TERREY) is about 2km away, and is on private property.

Getting to Terrey Hills Trig

The trig station is best seen from Yulong Avenue; the two water reservoirs are in a fenced-off and restricted area.

AWAT8132 LR Terrey Hills Trig Station

TS7408 R

Terrey Hills Trig Station

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