Summary: The Lix Trig in Ingleside is in fairly good condition, with base, mast and vanes intact. The trig station is reached via a short "bush bash".

The Lix Trig station is in pretty good condition, with a white-painted concrete pedestal, plastic post and (slightly rusted) metal vanes.

Lix Trig Station
Lix Trig Station

There’s no longer much of a view from the trig, with scrubs and trees having grown around it. However, a short distance to the west is a large rock platform from where there is a view towards the coast and Long Reef Headland.

Getting to Lix Trig

The trig station is fairly easily reached, although it does require a short “bush bash” up to the ridge. Park along Laurel Road West (Ingleside), and head up through the fairly light scrub until you reach the top of the ridge. The trig point is just above 49 Laurel Road West.

More information

The trig station was named after Gustave Adolphe Lix, who purchased Portion 63 in the parish of Narrabeen in 1881 (where the trig was located), before selling it to Joseph Kentigern Heydon.

Parish map showing Lix Trig Station


Lix Trig Station

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