Summary: Grace Trig is an unofficial trig point on top of Grace Hill in Mitchell, within the Grace Grasslands Nature Reserve

Grace Trig isn’t an official trig station (it’s not listed in the ACT Government Geospatial Data Catalogue) – but it’s still a physical beacon, which sits on the top of Grace Hill in the Grace Grasslands Nature Reserve. It consists of a metal vane on a four-legged metal tripod.

There’s sweeping views from the Grace Trig, with Black Mountain (an official trig station) to the south and the suburb of Mitchell to the north.

Getting to the Grace Trig

Finding a route to the top of Grace Hill turns out to be much more challenging than expected… after parking at the junction of Nirta Place and Hoskins Street, I enter the Grace Grasslands Nature Reserve via a locked gate. I figure it should be easy to walk directly up to the top of the rocky hill. The reserve is a 159-hectare grassland protected area in the Gungahlin Valley, with most of it (as the name suggests) being low grass.

But it’s not quite as as easy I expected: although I can see the trig, it’s on the other side of a council lumberyard. I continue along the wide track through the reserve, thinking I would approach the hill from the western side. But I end up at the Belconnen Model Aero Club, wih a fence blocking my progress.

I re-trace my steps, to the locked entry gate of the lumberyard. Here I manage to climb over one of the fences to allow a more direct approach to the trig station from the north. As my entire walk has been within the Grace Grasslands Nature Reserve, I’m not sure why it’s criss-crossed by barbed wire fences – but it makes walking here fairly unpleasant.

N/A - Not an official trig station

Grace Trig on Grace Hill

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