Summary: The Fagan Trig along the Peebles Trail is partly damaged, despite the stone cairn being cemented.

Located right next to the Peebles Road Firetrail (or to be more precise, the Peebles Trail Branch 7), Fagan Trig consists of a partly destroyed cairn but no mast or vanes. It was constructed in 1894; although there is no detailed information on its history, it was named after William Fagan, a free settler who emigrated from Derry in Ireland and arrived in Sydney in 1848 and pioneered the citrus industry in Dural, Galston and Arcadia.

The trig is somewhat unusual, in that the cairn was cemented together – and yet it has partly collapsed. Most of these traditional cairns didn’t use cement, and are still in far better condition.

Getting to Fagan Trig

The trig is fairly easily reached from the end of Peebles Road in Fiddletown, where there is a locked gate and a sign indicating the start of the Peebles Trail. Follow the firetrail, taking the “Peebles Trail Branch 7” near the end. You can walk, take your bike or ride a horse to the trig station…


Fagan Trig

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