The area of Ku-ring-gai National Park bounded by Terrey Hills, Duffys Forest and Cowan Creek hides many Aboriginal art sites. About half the sites are shelters along Cowan Creek, and the rest are engraving, cave art and grinding grooves along the many ridges and spurs.

Shelter near Smiths Creek, which has a charcoal drawing of a snake
Spirits Rock is a signposted Aboriginal engraving site at the end of the Cowan Trail, which has a number of figures, including a large and detailed engraving of the Baiame deity.
An small Aboriginal engraving site depicting a hunter and his two wives celebrating a successful kangaroo hunt.
The Lyrebird Site in Larool Reserve (Terrey Hills) features an engraving of a lyrebird, as well as many other animal carvings.
A vertical Aboriginal rock engraving on Smiths Creek, with a frieze containing eleven figures, and an adjacent site with five mundoes
Aboriginal engraving of a wallaby on a small rock, above Smith Creek