Summary: One of the most picturesque West Head beaches, the sheltered Resolute Beach is reached by a walking track from either West Head Lookout or the Resolute Picnic Area.

Some say the beautiful Resolute Beach is the best one at West Head; I personally think Flint and Steel Beach takes line honours as the best West Head beach. But Resolute Beach would come a close second, with its sheltered position, seclusion and wide, sandy beach.

Resolute Beach

The beach is on Pittwater opposite the Barrenjoey Peninsula, and unlike the nearby West Head Beach there are no rocks on the beach. The sheltered position means it has very small or no waves, which makes it great for swimming – but also means it can be a popular mooring spot for boats.

Resolute Beach

As well as the picturesque beach, Resolute Beach has shelter at both ends of the beach, and some small caves and overhangs at the northern end of the beach.

Resolute Beach

Getting to Resolute Beach

You can get to Resolute Beach via a couple of routes:

  • The shortest way (2km return) is from West Head Lookout at the end of West Head Road, where there is a large carpark. Head downhill on a walking track that goes past West Head Beach, then follows the coastline around to a set of steps that descends to Resolute Beach. You’ll pass an old WWII WWII fortification – it’s not signposted, so look out for the concrete structure below the trail.
  • An alternate route (3.5km return) starts from the Resolute Picnic Area on West Head Road. A wide management trail (signposted as the “Resolute Loop Trail”) descends gradually towards the coast, passing the marked Resolute Aboriginal site, as well as a few unmarked Aboriginal sites. After about 1.3km a steep bushwalking trail descends to Resolute Beach (the same trail provides access to Great Mackerel Beach).

An even better option is to do the 4km Resolute Loop Trail – one of the best bushwalks at West Head, which means you can visit two beautiful beaches, Aboriginal heritage sites and the historic WWII structure.

More information

Guide to West Head

For more information on West Head bushwalks and beaches, have a look at the Guide to West Head bushwalks or download the PDF summary below.

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