Summary: Named in 2022 by Tourism Australia as the 19th best beach in Australia, Jellybean Pool in Glenbrook is very beautiful - but also gets very busy on weekends. (There are some equally spectacular swimming holes along Glenbrook nearby.)

I’m not actually sure Jellybean Pool in Glenbrook is the busiest swimming hole in the Blue Mountains… but it probably is. On a warm weekend, the pool is somewhere from very busy to crowded – and you may want to consider alternatives (see below).

It’s popular for two reasons: it’s very easy to get to, and very picturesque. At the main section, there’s a large shallow section, with easy access from a sandy beach. The beach was named by Tourism Australia in 2022 as Australia’s 19th best beach – which is perhaps a third reason as to why it’s become so popular!

At the northern end of the long pool is a wide and deep section.

The pool is said to get its name from being shaped like a jellybean – which does require a little imagination.

Where else to swim? (Jellybean Pool alternatives)

If crowds are not your thing, consider these altermatives…

  • Blue Pool – also gets busy, but nowhere near as busy as the Jellybean Pool – and it’s also accessed via a relatively short, signposted track (0.6km return) that also starts of the Oaks Trail a bit further down the road – or you can walk up along Glenbrook Creek from the Jellybean Pool
  • Glenbrook Gorge – more a series of swimming holes, you’ll be able to fnd your private plunge pool here. The steep-ish Genbrook Gorge track descends from near the Glenbrook Information Centre (1.4km return), and then you can walk along the creek to find your perfect spot
  • Glenbrook Creek Sandbar – a longer and steeper (2.5km return) bushwalking track means this small but picturesque swiming hole won’t be busy – it’s also the closest trail to Glenbrook railway station.

Getting to the Jellybean Pool

It’s only about 200m (return) down to the creek from the lower carpark, 400m from the overflow carpark or 1km from the Glenbrook NPWS Information Centre. You can also park just outside the park gates if you want to avoid paying the entry fee (making it about 1.4km return).

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