The lesser-visited brother (or sister) of Flint and Steel Beach, Flint and Steel Bay is initially accessed via the same bushwalking track. But the track which branches off to the bay is a bit overgrown and rougher, and gets a lot less traffic. The bay is not as picturesque as the beach – but the benefit is that you’ve got a good chance of having it to yourself. Whitehorse Beach (which is is the name of the small beach in the bay) is best at low tide – there’s not much beach left at high tide! As it faces the Hawkesbury River it has almost no waves, and there is lots of shelter along the beach.

img 3612 lr Flint and Steel Bay - a secluded West Head beach

Just above Flint and Steel Bay are the ruins of the McGaw House, which has a fascinating history.

Getting to Flint and Steel Bay

The signposted Flint and Steel Track starts on West Head Road, and after about 500m there is a marked junction… head left to get to the bay. The track is a bit overgrown in sections but is not too hard to follow. The track peters out once it reaches the bay, so make note of where it finishes and continue along the coastline to reach Whitehorse Beach. It.s about 2.4km return to Whitehorse Beach.

There are a few more challenging routes you can take… head north along the coast from Flint and Steel Bay around Flint and Steel Point to Flint and Steel, which is the Flint and Steel Loop. Or continue south along the coast to reach the eveb more secluded Hungry Beach – although there’s a good chance there will be a boat or two moord here.

More information on West Head

For more information on West Head, have a look at the Guide to West Head bushwalks post or download the PDF summary below.

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