Summary: A challenging beach to reach on foot, Flannel Flower Beach is a narrow sliver of sand, best visited at low tide.

One of the more challenging beaches to reach at West Head is Flannel Flower Beach. It’s near the end of the headland and backed by low cliffs and steep slopes.

Flannel Flower Beach

The beach itself is a narrow sliver of sand at low tide, and vitually non-existent at high tide when the water goes up to the base of the low cliffs.

Flannel Flower Beach

The secluded beach is fun to visit, and relatively safe to swim as it’s fairly sheltered. But there re many rocks in the water so it’s not a great swimming beach.

IMG 1677 LR Flannel Flower Beach - a narrow sliver of sand

Getting to Flannel Flower Beach

Flannel Flower Beach doesn’t have any formal walking tracks, and boat is the easiest way to access this beach… but you can get there on foot. Take the steep West Head Army Track down to the old World War Two fortifications. From here you can scramble along the rocks to reach Flannel Flower Beach – low tide is essential, and you need to allow plenty of time as it’s fairly slow-going.

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