A large site documented by W.D. Campbell in 1899, who described it as “one of the finest groups the Writer has come across”. Carvings include a line of mundoes and a successful kangaroo hunt.

The Wheeler Heights Aboriginal Site is situated on a large rock saddle within Red Hill Reserve, between Wheeler and Middle Creeks.

Among the many engraved figures are two kangaroos and two hunters, which represent the chase and spearing of kangaroos during a hunt.

Both kangaroos have been speared.

Source: Sydney Rock Art

Above the two kangaroos are two men (hunters), one of whom has an axe or club.

At the centre of the site and very weathered are another two men who appear to be fighting; both carry a boomerang in their right hand.

The site also has a number of fish, dolphins, seal, skates (stingrays) and sharks.

Source: Sydney Rock Art

One of the more unusual engravings is that of what is either a sistrum (a “shell jingling instrument looped into a circle” (Cambell) ” or a “shell ornament” (McCarthy).

In total, the site contains 143 figures, of which 91 are mundoes (footprints). Not all the figures are obvious: Campbell described a “grotesque looking figure which may be a seal” and next to it a deity, while McCarthy many years later simply described it as a “marine creature” and the deity as a man.

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