Summary: A low but long shelter with Aboriginal rock art along Ellem Gully, which has over 100 motifs in charcoal and red ochre. The figures include many kangaroos and some hand stencils.

This fairly low shelter along Ellem Gully with Aboriginal rock art has over 100 motifs, which are in fairly good condition. The site has many overlapping figures, in both charcoal and red ochre. One of the panels has a large wallaby or kangaroo.

Image analysis shows that the macropods has been drawn in both charcoal, and red ochre.

AWAT9282 LR ybk Tic Alley ShelterAWAT9282 LR yrd Tic Alley Shelter

There are also two hand stencils, and a curved figure which may be a boomerang.

Two, smaller wallabies/kangaroos are facing each other.

Another wallaby/kangaroo. which has a more upright posture, has also been drawn in both charcoal and red ochre.

AWAT9299 LR Tic Alley ShelterAWAT9299 LR yrd Tic Alley Shelter

Two more kangaroos are drawn in an uprright position.

AWAT9313 LR Tic Alley ShelterAWAT9313 LR lbk Tic Alley Shelter

A large panel has a prominent hand stencil, and a small charcoal figure.

The charcoal figure (below the hand) is a small human figure, with upraised hands.

There is a hand stencil and fairly crude shield in another large panel.

Just above the shield are two charcoal figures, overlapping with a red ochre figure (which may be an anthropomorph with a rayed head-dress).

AWAT9319 LR yre Tic Alley ShelterAWAT9319 LR Tic Alley Shelter

A few more red ochre figures (one of them possibly a wombat) are only obvious with some image enhancement.

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