Summary: An elevated rock platform along the Kimmerikong Ridge (Muogamarra National Park) which has 13 figures, incuding a large Daramulan.

An elevated Aboriginal engraving site at the end of the Kimmerikong Ridge has multiple figures, and views over Muogamarra National Park and Peats Bight. The largest of many figures on the rock platform is an impressive Daramulan figure, which is almost five metres in length. The ancestral figure has a “large half oval head, 2 eyes and 2 pits for mouth, 7-rayed headdress consisting of 3 rays facing 4 rays, all curved inward, neck, long irregular body… cone shaped penis in erection and parallel with belly”. It was described as being a combination of man and emu, with a genital sac like a kangaroo and a human head, arm and penis.

There are two eels,both with with bars across their body – one has two fins, and the other no fins. A nearby lizard is described as being dead.

There’s a file of seven fish swimming head to tail; some of them are fairly weathered.

McCarthy made no mention of stone arrangements: there are two piles of rocks at the end of the platform which were clearly placed on top of one another.

Note: As a restricted nature reserve, photography and off-track site visitation within Muogamarra is not allowed without a permit.

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Aboriginal Sites by National Park

Over 40 sites have been recorded within the park; many were located along the river bank and were flooded by the building of the weir in 1938.