Summary: An Aboriginal engraving site in Strickland State Forest, which feaures a large Daramulan figure.

An Aboriginal engraving site which seems significant, but was not documented in any detail by the early Australian Aboriginal anthropologists. Near the centre of the rock platform is an enormous Daramulan figure.

The figure has a rayed head-dress, and two bands of horizontal lines across its upper body.

There are two kangaroos, one of which has been speared.

Two echidnas are engraved in the sandstone.

Two distinctive may refer to the two koalas described by Sim (in this case, the term “koala” referrring to a Daramulan figure, rather than “koala bear” which was more commonly used to describe the native animal).

Five mundoes (footprints) cross the site; two pairs and and an individual one (some of them are very weathered).

There are also a few indeterminate figures, and part of a fish.

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Aboriginal Sites by National Park

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