There are over 350 Aboriginal engraving and sites recorded in the Central Coast region, many of these in the Brisbane Water National Park. These engraving sites include animals, birds, sea creatures, bird tracks, human footsteps, male and female figures, hunting weapons and ancestral beings. Many of the sites were documented by W. D. Campbell in 1899, and later by Fred McCarthy and Ian Sim.

Above the Gosford Railway Dams in Narara is an Aboriginal engraving site and a long wave-like shelter with art, both only (relatively) recently documented.
A lesser-known site featuring seven shields, located below the "Seven Rabbits" (Woy Woy) site
Very distinct Aboriginal engraving of a kangaroo above the Tunnel Firetrail.
A small engraving of what may be a wombat, and axe grinding grooves, on a rock platform above the Tunnel Firetrail.
Above Waterfall Bay Creek are some weathered Aboriginal engravings, including two men, a small wallaby, a large fish and a dolphin.
A very weathered kangaroo in thick scrub near Woy Woy Creek.
Two significant sites near Woy Woy Road, which represent "a ritual and mythological story".
A large whale, fish and three kangaroos on three rock platforms near Woy Woy Road
A stone arrangement and a series of five (very weathered) Aboriginal engraving sites near the Woy Woy Snake.
A shelter near Woy Woy Tip, with over 15 hand stencils defaced by a modern charcoal drawing of a kangaroo and names spray painted over the art.
Axe grinding grooves and carved water channels above the Woy Woy Waterfall (Trough Waterfall)