Summary: The Summit Trail to the 1,448m Bach Ma peak (officially called Hai Vong Dai) provides sweeping views over Bach Ma National Coast and the coast.

I’ve got just enough time after the spectacular Five Lakes Loop for a very short walk in Bach Ma National Park to the Bach Ma peak, officially called Hai Vong Dai. The route follows a narrow paved path from the end of the roads that winds its way up to the summit.

About halfway to the peak is one of a few tunnels dug by the Viet Minh during the Vietnam War, from 1973 to 1975. This Bach Ma Tunnel was constructed by Regiment No 6, Battalion No 2 of the Thua Thien Hue province, with the 214.7m long tunnel taking three months to construct.

Just below the Bach Ma peak, a set of stone stairs leads up from the road, past the Bach Ma National Park Bell.

More steps lead up to the Summit Tower on top of the Bach Ma peak, called Hai Vong Dai which means “sea observatory”. There are sweeping views from the 1,448m high summit, with the mountains of Bach Ma National Park stretching to the west.

From the top floor of the pagoda, through the slightly grimy windows, are views over Cau Hai lake, Canh Duong, Lang Co and Da Nang city.

From just below the pagoda, you get a similar outlook out over Lang Co , a village between Lap An Lagoon and the sea known for its seafood stalls and the long, white-sand Lăng Cô Beach. In 2009, Lang Co was recognised as one “One of the World’s Most Beautiful Bays” by Worldbays.

You can return the same way, or continue along a trail that takes you back to the main road around Km17 (so you’d need to walk back up / down the road, or organise to be dropped off at one end of the trail).

Getting to Bach Ma peak (Hai Vong Dai)

The Summit Trail to Bach Ma peak starts from the end of the road that ascends from the Bạch Mã National Park Visitor Centre to the peak (Hai Vong Dai). It’s about 58km (1:40min drive) from Hue, 70km (1:45min) from Da Nang and 100km (2:45min) from Hoi An. If you’re coming from Da Nang or Hoi An, taking the incredibly scenic Hai Van pass – recognised as one of the world’s top ten most beautiful coastal roads – adds another 45min.


  • An entry fee is payable at the Bach Ma Visitor Centre – 60,000 VND/person for adults.
  • Motorbikes are not permitted past the Visitor Centre (cars only).

For more information and all the hiking trails, please visit Guide to Bach Ma National Park

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