Summary: Although the hike to the top of Mount Fiamoe is not particularly pleasant, as it follows an overgrown service road, there are great views from the top over the north and south coasts of Upolu.

It’s my second hike on our Samoa holiday, and I’m hoping to get some great views from the top of Mount Fiamoe, which is above Apia. At 938m** in height it’s not the tallest peak on Upolu – there are quite a few higher mountains including Mount Vaivai at 1,158m and Mount Fito at 1,149m – but it’s fairly easy to reach. The trail to the top is an overgrown service trail, and with a high-clearance 4WD you could, possibly, drive all the way to the top of the crater. Although the “road” gets increasingly rough as you ascend.

** I’ve seen the height of Mount Fiamoe as 930m, 938m and 939m above sea level…

Mount Fiamoe is a volcanic peak; because it’s now covered in vegetation you don’t realise the “summit” is in fact the top of a crater rim.

The service road reaches a cluster of antennas, which are on the eastern side of the Mount Fiamoe crater. From here you get a nice view over the less populated south coast of Upolu…

…and Apia and the more densely populated coast to the north.

To the west – on the the opposite side of the crater (which at the time I thought was a different peak) is another tall antenna.

A service road continues along the crater rim (it branches off the main trail) – it’s a bit wet and muddy, but easy walking.

Although the height’s about the same on both sides of the crater, the views are better (or less obstructed) from the western side of the crater.

There’s no fence around the 45m hight antenna, and no “keep out” signs… so for an even better view I climb the ladder for some really panoramic views in all directions. As well as both the north and south coasts, you can clearly see the taller Mount Le Pu’e (1,030m), Mount Fito (1,113m) and a number of unnamed peaks to the east.

The humidity and tropical climate means the outlook is a bit hazy, but there are some great views over Upolu from here – much better than from Mt Vaea, although this hike is not as pleasant being on an 4WD track.

Getting to Mount Fiamoe

The start of the Mount Fiamoe hike is reached via the Cross Island Road, with the turn-off about 11km from Apia. Continue 1.4km along the unsealed road, before finding a safe place to park near the service trail which continues up to the top Mount Fiamoe – it’s the same access road that goes to the starting point of the Lake Lanoto’o hike.

For more hikes as well as waterfalls and swimming holes, have a look at my 8 Days in Samoa trip report!

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