Summary: The picturesque Dundundra Falls can be reached via a challenging off-track circuit via Kierans Creek, or via a bushwalking track off Larool Trail. A short but very pleasant walk.

I’ve been meaning to go and visit Dundundra Falls for a while. It’s a fairly short walk to the waterfall, but I’m hoping it’s possible to do a loop walk. Although there is a track to the falls, none of my maps shows any trails in the Dundundra Falls Reserve – so I’m not sure what to expect. I end up doing a more challenging off-track Dundundra Falls loop, as well as confirming there is an easy way to reach the falls…

Starting the walk at the southern end of Larool Road, I head up the gravel road, making a quick detour to the Terrey Hills “Hunting” Aboriginal site along the way.

AWAT4805 LR An easy and a hard Dundundra Falls Loop bushwalk

At the northern end of Larool Road is a locked gate, marking the start of the Larool Trail. There’s also a map of the Dundundra Falls Reserve, which shows the trail to the waterfall.

Dundundra Falls – the Hard Way (via Kierans Creek)

According to the map there is a walking track that heads through the forest, so I leave the Larool Trail just after the gate and follow a faint pad downhill. It’s easy walking through a tall forest of (according to the map) Brown Stringybark Forest. It’s very pleasant walking, with low grassy undergrowth and the sun filtering through the trees.

AWAT0873 LR An easy and a hard Dundundra Falls Loop bushwalk

The track isn’t very obvious, and apart from spotting a single cairn I’m not sure whether I’m still going the right way. I continue descending through the forest – you don’t really need a track as there’s almost no undergrowth.

As I near the bottom of the valley, the vegetation changes to the more typical eucalyptus forest. There’s more dense undergrowth. It starts getting a bit steeper and rockier. I decide while I’m definitely well off-track, I may as well continue down to the creek.

With a bit of careful scrambling, I soon reach Kierans Creek. I’ve already explored the lower sections of Kierans Creek, so I’m looking forward to following this upper section of the creek to Dundundra Falls. It’s like entering a different world compared to the bush surrounding the creek: the temperature is a few degrees cooler, and there’s an increased feeling of remoteness as I make my way up the valley.

Most of the time I can walk up the creek bed; there’s the ocassional section where the water is deeper and I need to skirt around the side.

There are a few smaller waterfalls, where Kierans Creek cascades over a series of wide ledges.

AWAT0910 LR An easy and a hard Dundundra Falls Loop bushwalk

Altough there’s decent flow of water, the potholes and erosion of the creek bed suggest you probably wouldn’t want to be walking here after heavy rain…

AWAT0920 LR An easy and a hard Dundundra Falls Loop bushwalk

Just before reaching Dundundra Falls, there’s a particularly nice spot along the creek with a large overhang in front of a small waterhole.

It’s only another couple of hundred metres until I’m at Dundundra Falls; there’s only two other people here, who arrive via the “normal” walking track just as I get there. The waterfall is on Neverfail Creek, just above where it meets Kierans Creek.

Dundundra Falls

As I have plenty of time, I decide I’ll ignore the track, and continue up Kierans Creek.

The creek has a number of small cascades, most easy to climb up or around, and a few needing some judicious scrambling to avoid the slippery, moss-covered rock.

AWAT0955 LR 1 An easy and a hard Dundundra Falls Loop bushwalk

As I continue upstream, the cascades get smaller and the going gets easier.

I soon emerge onto the Larool Trail, not far from the source of Larool Creek. It’s about as far up Kierans Creek as you can go, as there are private properties on the upper side of the Larool Trail. From here it’s an easy walk back along the Larool Trail to the car.

Dundundra Falls – the Easy Way

I’ve really enjoyed my Dundundra Falls Loop bushwalk via Kierans Creek. But, if you just want to visit the falls without scrambling along a creek – yes, there is a track. Along Larool Trail there is marker showing the start of the track down to the falls. It’s fairly easy walking.d

The track is marked by blue tape and blue reflectors. Only the very last section is a bit steep.

You’ll emerge just downstream of Dundundra Falls.

AWAT0988 LR An easy and a hard Dundundra Falls Loop bushwalk

There’s actually two tracks off the Larool Trail, which both merge into a single track down to the falls. So on the way back from my second visit to the falls I veer to the right (south) as I head back to the Larool Trail.

AWAT0995 LR An easy and a hard Dundundra Falls Loop bushwalk

The second track is marked by a small information board, and further down the track you’ll see a handmade “Falls” signboard.

Whether you go the easy way or the hard way, the Dundundra Falls is worth a visit. It’s most impressive after there’s been some rain, although even in dry periods there’s a decent flow of water.

More information on Dundundra Falls

The easy route is about an 1.8km loop. If you go via Kierans Creek, it’s a similar distance but graded as “Moderate/Hard” as it’s all off track. You can start the walk from either end of Larool Trail.

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Justine · September 29, 2021 at 3:08 pm

I visisted Dundundra falls today, it was moody and raining. I took the easy way, which was a bit of a wet scramble at the bottom. Not much water in the falls, despite the weekend rain. I also checked out the hunting engraving site, very cool! Thanks for all your tips, walks are keeping me busy during lockdown!

    oliverd :-) · September 29, 2021 at 4:44 pm

    Nice one! I was planning to go back this morning, but postponed… if it rains for the next few days will head back. All the waterfalls are still pretty dry.

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