This short bushwalk is more of an excuse to go and check out the Gundah Trig station, from where I’m hoping there will be some nice views… The walk starts at the end of Beaumont Road in Berrowra Heights. While it’s not the nicest stating point to a walk, with an industrial estate one one side of the road, there are soon views over the valley from the firetrail.

The firetrail continues along the ridge, soon reaching the Hornsby Junior Dirt Bike Club. Described as “the smallest minikhana club in the Sydney Metropolitan area”, the club has only 50 members and there was no-one in the fenced-off area. (It would be a rather unpleasant walk with the trail bikes in action, so this is a walk for a late afternoon!) The firetrail follows the fence that prevents access to the bike-riding area. Just after Dirt Bike Club is the TS2358 Gunyah Trig. Or rather, the remains of the trig station. It’s in a bit of a sorry state, with the remains of the rusted vane lying on top of a pile of stones. And no view.

I continue along the trail, which is easy and quite pleasant walking along the ridge. Towards the end of the ridge there are some more views through the trees, toward Berowra Creek and the ridge on the other side.

The firetrail ends near a rock platform at the end of the ridge, and a bushwalking track continues down the ridge.

The track descends fairly steadily, dropping through a gap in some large boulders. (The trail meets the Great North Walk at the bottom of the ridge. I had considered doing a longer circuit, returning via Sams Creek Trail and Berkeley Trail, but that would mean a fair bit of road-walking to get back to the car.)

I enjoy some some nice views looking down Berowra Creek towards Berowra Waters, before returning the same way.

It’s been a short but pleasant late afternoon walk!

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