An exploratory walk in search of the Wallaroo Trig, located a short distance off the Wallaroo Track at West Head, revealing some nice views over the area.

It’s been almost a year since the last time I visited the Wallaroo Track, reaching the end of the track just in time for a nice sunset over Cowan Creek. I’m back this time to visit the Wallaroo Trig Station, located a short distance off the track. I make rapid progress along the Salvation Loop, turning onto the Wallaroo Track after 1.4km.

Just after the junction, to the north of the Wallaroo Track, is a low ridge. I decide to explore, following a faint path that leads up to a series of rock platforms. One of these lower platforms is tesselated, with a large expanse of oddly weathered sandstone.

A bit further up is a rocky hill, marked with an informal cairn on the top.

From here there are 360-degree views over West Head, with Pittwater and the Pacific Ocean to the east. To the west is Cowan Creek, and Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park.

I continue down the opposite end of the small hill to rejoin the Wallaroo Track. Unlike the fairly level Salvation Loop, the Wallaroo Track, a wide service trail, is pretty rough in sections and fairly hilly.

After reaching a point on the Wallaroo Track where my map indicates I should be roughly below the Wallaroo Trig, I spot what might (or might not) be a rough track that heads away from the track. Although calling it a track is a little optimistic, the undergrowth is fairly light, and progress relatively easy as I head towards the top of the hill.

On the far side of the hill, there’s a view over Cowan Creek again to the westk with a fairly steep drop down to the valley.


It takes me a little while to find the Wallaroo Trig Station (TS4576 WALLAROO), as my GPS coordinates are slightly out. And while the trig point is (obviously) located at the highest point, the top of the hill is not at all obvious! Like many trig points in this area, the base surrounded by bush and there’s no view at all from here. The last inspection report states “360 degree clearance necessary with a chainsaw”!


From here, it’s a relatively easy “bush bash” down to the Wallaroo Trail, and then back via the Salvation Loop Track to the car.

0.0km Start at northern (second) Salvation Loop gate
1.4km turn onto Wallaroo Track
2.8km Turn off Wallaroo Track - head up to ridge
6.5km Return to Salvation Loop gate
Location Leave vehicle at one of the two gates on West Head Road, or at Salvation Creek Picnic Area (in the middle)
Distance 6.5km as walked
Grade Moderate. Total ascent is 185m. Partly off-track.
Season/s All year.
Map/s 9130-4N Cowan (1:25K)  Buy / Download
GPS Route AllTrails map with option to download GPX / KML files

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[…] back to the Wallaroo Track (which is off the Salvation Loop): last time I was there I found the Wallaroo Trig, today I’m exploring Wallaroo Hill. The small hill near the junction of the Wallaroo Track […]

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