Sunset from the Wallaroo Track

The Wallaroo Track at West Head is accessed via the Salvation Loop, and leads to a rocky platform with views over Cowan Creek.

My last walk for the weekend, on another clear and sunny weekend… I’m doing the Salvation Loop track, as well as the Yeomans Track and Wallaroo Track, at West Head. The Salvation Loop Track is pretty flat, and generally pretty dull, as it passes through low heath. There is – from time to time – a view over West Head and Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. It’s about as “easy walking” as you can get!

Although mid-July is a bit early for flowers, there are a few plants in bloom: I see a few Australian native fuchsia (I think!) and Red Spider Flowers (a type of grevillea).

It doesn’t take long to reach the (unsigned) turn-off to the Wallaroo Track, which heads toward the coast, and then the junction with the Yeomans Track. I turn left down the Yeomans Track, sometimes also known as the South Wallaroo Track. It’s an old firetrail but very overgrown, especially near the end. The track stops at a rock platform, with some glimpses of Cowan Creek though the trees. It’s really not worth a visit. 


I retrace my steps, back up to the junction with the Wallaroo Track. I’ve got enough time before the gates are locked to head down to the end of the Wallaroo Track – which I know from a previous visit has a slightly better outlook. I arrive at the end of the Wallaroo Track about half an hour before sunset: to my surprise there’s a couple enjoying the view (I rarely see anyone on the trails after about 4pm). Although it’s not obvious, the sandstone ledge continues a fair way along, beyond the first rock platform. So I find myself a secluded spot further along the platform, and wait for the sun to set.

Although it’s not the best lookout at West Head, I can think of a lot worse places I could be, as the sun slips behind the ridge on the other side of Cowan Creek.


I’d love to linger as the sky changes colour – but I also need to get back to the car and through the West Head gate before it’s locked at 6pm (altough the couple I talk to at the lookout tell me it’s never actually locked, which make me a little less nervous)! I stop a few times to take photos on the walk back, as the sky turns a magnificent orange.


Even with the sun fully set, there’s enough light from the full moon I don’t need my head-torch, as I reach the Salvation Loop and complete the circuit back to the car.


 0.0km Start at southern (first) Salvation Loop gate
 0.8km Walk along West Head Road to northern gate
 2.3km Junction with Wallaroo Track
 3.9km Junction with Yeomans Track
 5.6km Reach end of Yeomans Track (rock platform)
 7.2km Back at Yeomans Track / Wallaroo Track junction
 8.7km Reach end of Wallaroo Track
11.9km Junction with Salvation Loop Track
13.6km Return to southern (first) Salvation Loop gate/trackhead
Location Leave vehicle at one of the two gates on West Head Road, or at Salvation Creek Picnic Area (in the middle)
Distance 13.6km as walked (Yeomans and Wallaroo Track)
Salvation Loop only is a 4km circuit
Salvation  Loop & Wallaroo Track is 10.2km return
Grade Easy. Total ascent is 250m
Season/s All year.
Map/s Ku-ring-gai & Berowra Valley Visitor Guide (from Info Centre)
Or the free map from entry station
GPS Route PlotaRoute map with option to download GPX / KML files
Track Notes Custom topographical map (A4, 1:25K)

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