Summary: A short hiking trail from Dante's View takes you to the edge of the cliffline, from where there are panoramic views over Death Valley.

Dante’s View is is a viewpoint terrace on the north side of Coffin Peak, accessed by a steep, winding road that takes you up to 1,669m (5,476 ft) height. There are great views from the carpark, described by the National Parks Services (NPS) as “an unparalleled view of the swirling white salt flats of Death Valley below”. For even more spectacular views, take the short Dante’s View hike along the ridge, where you can see the white salts flats below and most of the 110-mile long Death Valley. The Dante’s View hiking trail starts to the south-west of the car park, and heads doen the ridge. (This is the second short hike on my drive through Death Valley.)


The views from the trail take in the salt flats of Badwater at 282 feet (86m) below sea level, and directly behind the salt flats (at the very top left of the photo) is Telescope Peak at 11,049 ft (3,368m) above sea level.


As you descend further down the ridge on the rough track, you can see further down the length of Death Valley to the north.

Death Valley salt flats from the Dante's View hike

It feels like you could continue down the ridge all the way to the salt flats… but we’re still 5,275 feet (1610m) above sea level.

Death Valley salt flats from the Dante's View hike

At the northern of the car park, another trail heads up the ridge – it goes for four miles up to Mt Perry (I only went about 0.3 miles).


The outlook is pretty much the same as from the southern end of the carpark, although it’s more of a rocky and rugged environment. And there are no other people around. There are unimpeded views of the Badwater salt flats and the Panamint Ranges.


The main benefit of hiking in this direction is that you also get the slightly less impressive view to the east, of the Greenwater Range.


Accommodation near Dante’s View

The closest accommodation to Death Valley National Park is at Panamint Springs (where I stayed) and Furnace Creek, near the Furnace Creek Visitor Centre. The Ranch at Death Valley is more affordable and offers a range of rooms, while the Inn at Death Valley has upmarket villas. 

The nearest town is Beatty, which is just outside the park and has a wide range of accommodation.

More information on Dante’s View

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